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The end of an era
The Continuity Booth
ITV 1's decision to dispense with regional continuity announcers and local presentation in October 2002 led to a spate of leaving parties across the network. Here we present a TV Room Plus feature looking at various get-togethers held before Christmas 2002. Many thanks to Nick Oliver for the excellent photos.
Above: the Granada Media Group's Leeds based announcing team got together for a lunch at the beginning of October 2002, about a month before the end of regional ITV continuity. Despite this, spirits were high. Pictured (left to right): Kerrie Gosney, Helen Aitken, Maggie Mash, Pete Haslem, Neil Didsbury and Bob Preedy.
Above: the GMG North team's official leaving party was held on 1 November 2002 when former Yorkshire Television announcers were invited to join the existing team. Pictured (front row, left to right): Neil Didsbury, Andy Siddell (freelance), Helen Aitken, Kerrie Gosney, Maggie Mash and Redvers Kyle. Pictured (back row, left to right): Edwin George, Nick Oliver, Pete Haslem and Bob Preedy.