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National BBC Strike 2005 (Part 2)
Monday May 23 2005
BBC staff went on strike from midnight on Monday May 23 2005 for 24 hours. They were protesting at plans to cut 3,780 jobs and privatise parts of the Corporation.

The unions said the cuts were the most damaging in BBC history. The corporation said it regretted the decision to take industrial action.

The strike posed the most serious threat to the BBC's programming schedule across all TV and radio networks in over a decade. This page focuses on the disruption to national and regional news output on the TV networks.

6.00pm BBC News 24 and BBC One again join forces for the 'Six O'Clock News'. The programme is presented by Stephen Cole. Astons were missing until roughly ten minutes into the programme.
Above: Stephen Cole presents the 'Six O'Clock News'.
6.25pm Five minute regional news programmes are broadcast on BBC One.

6.30pm An episode of 'My Family' replaces the scheduled regional news magazines on BBC One.

6.58pm BBC News 24 plays out its headline bed animation and soundtrack in place of programme trails. This is followed by an almost complete sixty second countdown sequence.
Above: BBC News 24 countdown sequence.
10.00pm BBC News 24 and BBC One simulcast of the 'Ten O'Clock News', presented by Stephen Cole.
Above: the 'Ten O'Clock News' with Stephen Cole.
10.25pm Five minute regional news bulletins on BBC One.