Promax UK
  A Day With The BFI
The national film and videotape archive - by Mark Boulton
  A Knight To Remember
A tribute to one of ITV's best known regional symbols
  BBC Network Control
How the channels were kept on air
  BBC Scotland Announcers
How it all started - by a Scottish viewer
  BBC Television Symbols In The 1990s
Cutting edge technology for 1990s BBC
  BBC Test Cards/Ceefax Pages
A history of BBC test signals and schedule fillers
  BBC Weather Presentation
A history of the forecasts - by Paul R Jackson
  Channel 4 Test Cards/Teletext Pages
The EPT-1 test card and teletext pages from 4-Tel
  Industrial Disputes
Strike action blacks out TV services in the 60s, 70s and 80s
  ITV Regional Presentation
Designs that didn't make it
  London Weekend Television - Farewell
The end of an era
  National BBC Strike 2005 (Part 1)
Monday May 23 2005
  National BBC Strike 2005 (Part 2)
Monday May 23 2005
  National BBC Strike 2005 (Part 3)
Monday May 23 2005
  The Gallery
Moments in television history
  TV Logos Of Ireland
Part 1 - The Early Years: 1961 - 1966 - by Eamonn Hanratty
  TV Logos Of Ireland
Part 2 - From One Channel To Two - by Eamonn Hanratty
  TV Logos Of Ireland
Part 3 - New Channels, New Emblems - by Eamonn Hanratty
  TV Logos Of Ireland
Part 4 - Saint Brigid And Her Cross - by Eamonn Hanratty
  BBC Power Problems
Wednesday December 03 2003
  BBC Power Problems
Saturday June 30 2001
  Children's BBC Problems
Phillip Schofield presses all the wrong buttons
  Gas Leak Takes Channel 4 Down
Monday November 18 2002
  ITV Network Transmission Issues
May 31 2008 and June 13 2008
  Late Night BBC Three Problems
Monday February 10 2003
  Miscellaneous BBC Mishaps
Late-2001 and early-2002
So you want to be an announcer?
  Guided By The Voices
The invisible stars of television
Anglia - memories of the early years - Colin Bower
Colin Weston
Voice of London Weekend Television - Trish Bertram
Tony Currie
Life as an Anglia continuity announcer - David Clayton
  ITV Regional Announcers
The end of an era
  ITV Start-Up Sequences
1950s - 1980s
  Thames Television
ITV's lynchpin